HIT AGES Commands

  • /12help: displays a list of commands as below.
  • /12contact: displays a list of contact info.
  • /12info: displays player info.

  • /12on: turns the meter on (IC).
  • /12off: turns the meter off (OOC).
  • /12reset: resets meter.
  • /12gender: switches gender.
  • /12clear: clears all character info (use it with caution!).

Community Commands
  • /12community: switch community.

Homestone Commands
  • /12homestone: joins group-name.
  • /12homestoneleave: leaves the group.

Caste Commands
  • /12caste: joins the caste system.
  • /12casteleave: leaves the caste system.

Class Commands
  • /12class: joins class-name.
  • /12classleave: leaves the class-name.

Label Commands
  • /12label label-text: adds a label.
  • /12label remove: removes the label.

Color Commands
  • /12colors: displays the list of the available colors.
  • /12color color-name: changes meter text color.
Game Modes
  • /12combat: to switch to combat mode.
  • /12roleplay: to switch to roleplay mode.
  • /12arena: to switch to arena mode.
  • /12game: to switch to game mode.

Meter-Style Commands
  • /12hit: hit original looking system meter display.
  • /12classic: classic looking system meter display.

Internal Messaging Commands
  • /12shout message-text: to send a message internally to the same group/homestone.

Region Commands
  • /12config: displays region configuration info.

Actions' Commands

All commands you need to be within a specific range (3m) to be able to use.

  • /12bind: to bind the captive if not already bound.
  • /12unbind: to unbind the captive if already bound.
  • /12leash: to leash the captive.
  • /12unleash: to unleash the captive.
  • /12enslave: to enslave the captive, after their approval.
  • /12aid: to aid someone.
  • /12bandage: to bandage someone.