Medieval 100%

Hit Ages is 100% Medieval it means it is created specifically for medieval themed worlds and it is not a multi-community system and this gives us a better focus on medieval communities needs and wants rather than making a system for all worlds, Hit Ages supports all Medieval/Gor specs and compatible with all Medieval/Gorean weapons (melee, ranged, and traps).


Hit Ages is 100% Secure, following Second Life TOS, with no private info tracking or hidden external links (everything happens Inworld, what happens in SL stays in SL), in addition to the extreme cheating detections and protections, maximum fairness, great measures have been taken regarding script security.

High Performance

Hit Ages is professionally developed, has been created from the beginning with high performance in mind, the main focus is on creating a complete system that is lag-free, fewer scripts and efficient code, using the latest scripting techniques, and hosted on the latest hardware, and server software versions available.

Welcome to Hit Ages's Official Website

Hit Ages is a Medieval/Gorean combat and roleplay system, designed and developed by Hit Iceghost to be used in Second Life virtual world.


Hit Ages's mission is to support the Medieval combat and roleplay community, by creating advanced, original, professional combat and roleplay systems that help in building a real, active, secure, organized, and connected communities where players can enjoy a challenging, motivational, competitive, and positive game experience.


Connected and united medieval communities.


Quality, Performance, Security, Integrity, Diversity, and Simplicity.