Hit Coinage Currency System

Hit Coins is one of rewarding systems and coins are roleplay digital currency and they are used in combat and roleplay.

HIT Bank

Hit now develops many combat and roleplay systems (HIT AGES, HIT Combat, Medieval Survival...etc), so there was a need for a system to work as a currency storage for all Hit systems, connect all systems together, and help players to manage their currency accounts for multiple combat and roleplay systems.

Hit Bank is the system that helps in doing so, players can save their systems coins in the Hit Bank, and can transfer their coins from one system to another for example (HIT AGES ⇠⇢ HIT Combat ⇠⇢ Medieval Survival).

Hit Bank also allows players to store and hide their currency in the bank so they don't show on the main systems or get stolen, this helps also the players who dislike coinage systems to delete their coins in the bank and forget about them.


  • Balance: displays (copper/silver/gold) coins a player has in his hit bank account.
  • Transfer: transfers hit coins (copper/silver/gold) from hit bank to any of hit systems.
  • Send: sends hit coins (copper/silver/gold) from one player hit bank account to another player hit bank account.

Coin Types

There are three types of coins:

  • Copper Coins = 100 Points.
  • Silver Coins = 100 Copper Coins.
  • Gold Coins = 100 Silver Coins.

Earning Coins & Lindens

Coins are primarily earned/obtained through different methods:

  • roleplay trading.
  • working at roleplay facilities and login to tip jars.
  • spending time (camping) at any land that allows hit gor.
  • stealing from treasures or players.