HIT AGES Terms of Service


Hit Ages scripts and codes are 100% hand-coded and developed from scratch by Hit Iceghost, and the system is 100% legal and follows Second Life Terms of Service and no one else can access the script files or servers.

RPG User Interface UI

Hit Ages Graphics (RPG User Interface UI) is a real-life "License Certificate" version and certified by its original creator, paid for using my real-life information and certificate issued with my real-life name, and I have the full right to use, as a holder of the original license certificate.

Hit Ages Choice

We are not forcing anyone to use the system, and I don't go to any land and ask them to use, I just reply requests and messages when users ask about the system, and I provide the support and help when users need. If people like the system, they are welcome to use it, if they don't like it I am not forcing anyone and to be honest if other lands use or not this will never affect me in any way, I don't make any profit from the system, it is FREE, and I don't make or sell weapons, I am only keeping it for the people who like and support it.

Threats and harassment

Threats and or harassment either verbal, implied or written to the Hit Ages staff will not be tolerated.
Hit Ages reserves the right to remove users from our servers and database at any time without prior notice or notification either written or verbal.